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FAQ: What took you so long?

The year in review.

Creative Inspirations 2017 - parked water front, spring.
Creative Inspirations 2017 - Hydrangea in rain, early summer.
Creative Inspirations 2017 - evening by the sea with my wishes.
Creative Inspirations 2017 - forest drive, late summer.

August 10, 2017. A day before Mountains Day, a national holiday only a few years old, I hopped on my little scarred Honda and headed out roughly towards west. Compelled by the briefness of summer, I wanted to absorb the scorching of the season as much as humanly possible.

Creative Inspirations 2017 - spider lily, the first blossom.
Creative Inspirations 2017 - spider lily, a petal in macro.

Soon after somehow I took the turn I did not plan. General direction is right I said, my motto for a game I call “intentionally getting lost”. Just so long as I won’t miss out on the precious August sun for too long.
Well the path rode into the forest and quickly narrowed, to a single lane just wide enough for my compact. Winding as a large serpent would, on and on through the thick of woods that blocked even the brightest of the light. “Always a screw up, destined to miss.” An inner dialogue took the passenger’s seat like an inseparable old friend and worse yet at each hairpin, I grew deeper in agreement with her.

Creative Inspirations 2017 - spider lily, the last bouquet.
Creative Inspirations 2017 - cafe waves, mid fall.

Then quite suddenly the serpent spat me out, into the bursting of the summer where I found a community probably the smallest I’ve ever seen. Tacked away in a valley between mountains are just a handful of housing structures, only some inhabited, lives held together with artful display of faded woods and rusted tins. Face to face with the unfolding quiet gem, with midday asphalt beneath my feet, I found myself alone in a place where leaves can be heard, streams carry life, the sun warms your shoulders and butterflies are free.

Creative Inspirations 2017 - stitches, pins, autumn lights.
Creative Inspirations 2017 - cafe clear water, early winter.

Creative Process, November 01, 2017.

A Spider Lily petal, macro, a portrait.

My kind of prayers.

Decorative hand stitches, a close view.

The piece in progress: Spider Lily Red. A petal of the said lily (top), the muse, certainly posing like one, from late September this year, and my interpretation of it painted on silk, the reverse side of a dress in formation, pictured on the last day of October.
Stitches are done by hand, my homage to the God of Creativity whose benevolence and artistry I could never outdo.

September with Spider Lilies.

Artist studio with bouquets of red spider lilies.

Photographed this afternoon: the work in progress on a sewing body (in blur, just because), with most likely this fall’s last batch of my favorite lilies.