Cookie Policy

Firstly: You have a choice.

Your Cookie Consent (what you chose on cookie preference banner / pop-up window) is set to expire after 365 days, however.
You can change your cookie setting anytime via Cookie Preference Pop-Up Window.

What kind of cookies you get from this site and why.

What cookies, are they gluten free?

“A cookie is a packet of data sent by a web server (where websites reside) to a web browser (on your computer).
They are generated every time a user (that would be you) visits a website.
“Every time a user visits a website, cookies will collect some information about the user.
“Cookies are data, not programs. They can’t perform functions. They only detect web pages visited by a user on websites and store preferences.
“The information which cookies gather forms an Anonymous User Profile. They don’t gather personal information such as passwords or credit card numbers.”

From IGCSE Computer Science Textbook (edited by Webmaster)

Strictly Necessary Cookies

Necessary in making this website display and work well so please enable. More on this in near future as the webmaster gains knowledge.

Occasional Cookies

Such as,
Comment / Contact Form / Shopping Cart Cookies. They are generated only when you use specific functions and will be elaborated on Privacy Policy page. In a bit (as of 27Jul20).

Other People’s Cookies

a.k.a. Third Party Cookies.

Social Share Links

Are not in use on this site, hence no tracking cookies from those.

Web Analytics

I use the service called Stat Counter. It gives me general idea about what visitors like to see and what devices and browsers are in use. I have no way of knowing who you are.
Although I don’t place ads on this site, Stat Counter uses “Marketing Cookies” which studies your behavior on my site for targeted advertisement.
(References: Stat Counter on their cookies and the use of marketing cookies.)

Which brings me to….

How to reject unwanted cookies

This can be done by following methods:

Via your browser setting

Please allow me to refer you to:
Managing Cookies at

Alternate opt out

NAI Consumer Opt Out —> Manage My Browser’s Opt Outs
This is a method suggested by Stat Counter. The browser check takes a bit of time I have to say.

Ultimate opt out

If this is too cumbersome, I understand. You can reject Third Party Cookies altogether from cookie setting page.
This includes both analytics and marketing cookies.

Last Updated: July 27, 2020.