Red Spider Lilies, at sundown, with an artist, fall 2014.

Both photographed in mid September 2014, as the project “Spider Lily Red” slowly ripened.
From top:
The artist in question, with red spider lilies and a Pentax WG3, on the river side path where she fell in love with the blossom two autumns back.
And one of the resulting images from that fall.

Red Spider Lilies, at sundown, macro, fall 2014.


 a bird is the sea is a flower.

Born 1964 in central Tokyo near the park with tall cherry trees, she grew up on the outskirts where hippie types hung. In high school, her last education to date, she drew palm trees on her notebook, got on well with the art teacher and was awake during English classes. Throughout her life she practiced art on her own without knowing exactly why.

In 1998, she had a flash to somehow capture a dragon on a dress, which grew into her ongoing “Dyed Threads” series. In the past she worked as a mural painter, facilitated classes on creative expression, sold hand-crafted purses and translated articles on clothes and cultures. She speaks Japanese and English, both fairly coherently. She creates from a truly subjective place and wishes to share what she felt. She is a life long swimmer, currently lives in Ibaraki, Japan, is most alive while in ocean and also while making art.


(there are) things between black and white.

Intents and Inspirations:

If I could capture Eternity in a single line.

The pulse of a flower petal; silence in the ocean roar.
Visions of things I could not photograph.
Emotions that cannot be named, expressions that have no words for.


View the artist in question sweating in the salt mine.


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