Summer, in the midst of it.

a Wing, dyed on silk.
Drawing of a Spider Lily Petal, detail, with ocean.

August 4th. I spotted a hint of chill in the evening breeze while on the shore, and then after that the moon, half but bright, rose slightly higher in the sky as it always would in September.
Autumn has its ways of sneaking itself in, amidst all that came alive under the August sun setting themselves free in the short, intense Summer.

Above: a wing, dyed on silk, detail, process. From my previous piece called “Wing Dress – Velocity”
Below: pencil drawing of a spider lily petal, detail, in progress. For the first piece of a new series “Spider Lily Red”, currently in the making.
This is a quick update to let you know that I haven’t turned into a kelp princess and swam away with a school of sardines. Although that’s not sounding too bad.

Thank you for your visit.

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