Blanket Jacket

This item is in the making. I will post more photos and details as it grows into a finished piece. Yes, this is a web store in a form of a process blog within a blog.

March 31, 2014

Photo of a winter jacket made from military blanket.

The material for this jacket is an actual military blanket from Germany. It weighs like thick wool 100% sould, will keep you so very warm.
The color is deep olive green with letters in light gray with slight tint of blue.

Initially this piece was for myself, putting together pieces left from a Blanket Coat I made more than 10yrs ago. I decided to make this available for purchase for, well, I already have a coat that is still in pretty good shape after fairly heavy use. I am also considering to offer an option of renting out for shoot and such, just an idea at this point.

April 2, 2014

I wanted the surface to be flat and look stitch-less. Hence the insane hand-stitching job on the wrong side.

Photo of a winter jacket made from military blanket. - close up, inside finish.Photo of a winter jacket made from military blanket. - close-up, right side.

April 6, 2014

The look of the edges is intentionally “unfinished”, but in fact stitched in to prevent fraying.

Photo of a winter jacket made from military blanket. - detail, hood..

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Spring Song

Photo of a bare tree in rain, shot through car window.

Last night, warblers sang to each other at the field of silence. Silver grasses from fall stood still. I waited for their dry whispers. The big quiet shielded us all.

Did I see myself, a child, standing right in the middle, under the darkening sky at the end of March. Was that a smile, or a reflection of many many stars that cradled her.

I found you, I said, do you hear the waves? When our eyes met, everything that stood between us turned into a pearl.

Photo of the water surface at a port at dusk.

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It takes guts to geiger.

Photo of sea shells on the shore at sunset.

Hooray to us, we are still around after three years since the onset of the world-famous radio-disaster, now became a bit of an elephant in our room.
To show the world my gratitude for letting us disturb the peace in the valley, let me share with you…..

the Wisdom of 311, Yuko’s way:

– I can get used to anything – well, almost.
– Living on the oddest edge sharpens my intuition.
– Bicycle riding was very good for my legs.
– Nonchalance in nature is luxury.
– Grief lightens if not fought against.
– Creating and destroying are probably a package deal – surely true for nature, but also for humans.
– I don’t know what’s right – especially about how other people deal.
– When it comes to shock-absorbing, my mind is smarter than my iPhone.
– Hope renews itself so does the psychological strength.
– I am actually proud of Japanese food culture.
– I dread to regret.
– I do care if I live or die.
– I miss my ocean and am very very sorry.

Photo of a forming wave at the shore.

Sea was so beautiful this evening, but then again sea’s always been, even in the midst of the murderous rage.
The kind of beauty that could never be tainted.

Photo of a moon taken with tele lens.

All photos were taken this evening at a sand dune in Northernmost Ibaraki, Japan.


Snew a lot.

Hi. How are you. Welcome (back) to my site.

Photo of snowy street through woods, taken through car window.

Two months into 2014, how has it been so far?

Me, I’ve been working on two things, one of which, it will be available for purchase, soon.
The other one, it is growing in a quiet place, not yet ready for public eye, hence pictures of snow, that’s all you get.

Photo of a carved wood in shape of abstract heart.

The red thing lying on snow, that is a heart, that’s right, the thing that hurts to open. I carved that long ago.
Made other stuff too as a matter of fact, and their images, along with other “outtakes”, are uploaded pretty much daily onto my Portfolio Subset on Flickr.

In fact I too, have been, growing in a quiet place, so my words, somehow, they don’t…flow.

Will you please, excuse me, for I must….return to….