Abstract Petal.

Spider Lily Petal - pencil drawing

This recently-finished pencil drawing is to be a reference for a dye sample/swatch I’m gonna be working on next, that is for the newest of my Dyed Threads series, “Spider Lily Red” project. The line-oriented approach you see here is of me teaching myself a new trick, that I think would best capture the extreme curliness of the spider lily petals.

Spider Lily Petal - pencil drawing, detail.

The said petals start out fairly straight-edged. As the blooming progresses however, they go into this full-on abstract free-form red wavy anarchy that feels more like a perfectly-choreographed theater. Petals themselves are quite tiny but hold within so much passion, that’s how I sense them anyways.

Spider Lily Petal - pencil drawing, detail.

The project is gradually gaining momentum so swing by again when you get a chance.
Thank you for your visit.

これをもとに染め見本を作るのが当方の『Dyed Threads』シリーズの通常の手順。


Bounds melt; Time stands Still.

Hello, howdy, how’s this Life thing going at your end?

Sea Shell, texture.Sea Shell, part, macro.

Me, much of my evenings are spent visiting where fireflies hang, floating in the night, suspended in time.
They hack my sense of time there. Jail breaking with no strings attached. Generous sweethearts, them biofluorescents.

Spider Lily Petal, dye swatch, detail.

Early summer days get tender and sensual as the sun goes down.
The sound of breaking waves is the ever-lasting heart beat, with its imprint inescapable to both the sea shells and myself.

Sea Shell, waves, textures - macro.Spider Lily, Petal, pencil drawing - process.

Photos are of various beach finds and a dye swatch – dye, in red, is not set yet – for my “Spider Lily Red” series.
The last photo is of a new pencil drawing, incomplete, of a petal of the said lily, that is for the said series, trying something different from how I usually painted – “shading”-heavy – with dyes.

I will report the progress of the said project along with my usual blah blah’s on here or on social sites such as EyeEm, Flickr and Tumblr.
So swing by, when you get a chance. Thank you, and have a great July and beyond.


写真は上から、貝殻、次が丸くって平たくって真ん中に穴の開いた直径5センチほどの海の生き物の真ん中あたりから出現したパーツ、それから、彼岸花がモチーフの次作のための染め見本 – 絹に酸性染料でペイントした同花花びら、また貝殻、で、最後が同シリーズ用の同花弁鉛筆画、これも染め見本用ですが多少手法を今までのシェーディング主体のやり方から少し変えてみているところ、です。



Dyed Threads – Process in Pictures

Depicting the mental process behind each piece. Originally posted on my Cargo Collective account (which is undergoing remodeling since tonight) sometime around June 2011.
Long-ish post. To scroll up, I highly recommend using the “Back to Top” function found at the lower right corner, as this site’s image loading set-up may make it harder to return towards the top.

『Dyed Threads』(染料を使った服の形の絵画作品)シリーズの内的な制作過程を画像にしてみたもの。当方のCargo Collectiveサイトに2011年6月頃投稿、あちらのリニューアルにともないこちらへ引っ越しとなった次第。
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Wing Dress Velocity (2009 – 2011)

Wing Dress - Process - inspiration - seaWing Dress - Process - paper modelWing Dress Velocity - Process - paper model drawnWing Dress Velocity - Process - Inspiration - waveWing Dress Velocity - Process - Inspiration - sea surface at sun(C)2010  Yuko Nagai yukonagai.comWing Dress Velocity - Process - Inspiration - sea surface - darkWing Dress Velocity - Process - dyed wing, detailWing Dress Velocity - Proces - dyed wing, torso detail.Wing Dress Velocity - Process - Inspiration - sea gull reflectioWing Dress Velocity - Process - Inspiration - sea gull, flightWing Dress Velocity - Process - dyed wing, sleeve

Wing Dress (2007 – 2009)

Wing Dress - Process - Inspiration - sea gull, wing, beach, sky.Wing Dress - Process - Inspiration - pencil drawing, feathers.Wing Dress - Process - dyed wing, swatch.Wing Dress - Process - Inspiration - bird, broken wing, sea shorWing Dress - Process - pencil drawing, feathers, tracing.Wing Dress - Process - dyed wing, soaked in fixating solution.Wing Dress - Process - dyed wing, dress front.Wing Dress - Process - Inspiration, over cast, sun.Wing Dress - Process - dyed wing, misty shore.Wing Dress - Process - dyed wing, shore, breeze.Wing Dress - Process - Inspiration - shore.

Aqua Dragon Dress 2 (2006)

Aqua Dragon Dress - Process - Inspiration - summer sky, aqua bluAqua Dragon Dress - Process - dyed dragon, dress torso.Aqua Dragon Dress - Process - dyed dragon, dress shoulder.Aqua Dragon Dress - Process - Inspiration - swimming pool, ripplAqua Dragon Dress 2 - Process - Inspiration - summer sky, aqua b

Indigo Dragon Top (2006)

Indigo Dragon Top - Process - Inspiration - night shore, blur.Indigo Dragon Top - Process - Inspiration - wood carved dragon.Indigo Dragon Top - Process - pencil drawing, soaring dragon.Indigo Dragon Top - Process - dyed dragon, detail.Indigo Dragon Top - Process - Inspiration - sea surface, dark riIndigo Dragon Top - Process - dyed dragon, torso.Indigo Dragon Top - Process - dyed dragon, sky.Indigo Dragon Top - Process - Inspiration - sea, night, blurred.

Aqua Dragon Dress (2006)

Aqua Dragon Dress - Process - sea, storm, fog.Aqua Dragon Dress - Process - dyed dragon, sky.Aqua Dragon Dress - Process - dyed dragon, breeze.Aqua Dragon Dress - Process - Inspiration - ocean, storm, form.Aqua Dragon Dress - Process - Inspiration - ocean, storm, form.Aqua Dragon Dress - Process - dyed dragon, scales, aqua blue.

Heading off to the land where nighthawks sparkle.
Will return soon with updates.

Thanks for stopping by.
- Yuko, 07May14




How Cherries Fall

Photo processed to imitate old postcard, of a picnic held under blooming cherries.

From an unsent letter:

Hope you get to see the cherries fall – have you?
There’s this one day all the trees decide to let go of the petals, it’s not the rain, wind, or storm… but when this one day comes, often a very sunny day, they release their petals and fill the gray and busy Tokyo with swirling mass of pink confetti.

photo of a bird perched on cherry blossom branch, looking towards camera.Cherries in full bloom, close up photo.