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Zine One (Revisited)

Happy Holidays!!
I was going to post something red and festive, well look what happened.

Black and white photo of a small wood carving of a wing.
Black and white snap shot of head lights in blur taken while driving.
An artist's hand at work, caught a speck of light.

All photographed in 2015, the first and the last photos are of my artwork:
A Wing (1996) – wood, silver.
An Ally (2014) – self portrait (as a child), pencil on paper, detail.

Black and white photo of a bird with a tilted head.

Back in May 2015, I did a post titled “Zine One”. At that time I was psyched to put together images of what I made up until then and bind them into something between a magazine and a photo book, something creative while keeping it easy and informal. I tested a few printing options and got kind of disappointed with all. So I dropped the whole thing and deleted the post :(

Fast forward to December 2016, while I was not looking the idea revived itself.

Here is a confession: I am usually deeply moved by something and feel compelled to do something about it. That has been the basis of my creative endeavor. It may not be obvious from what you see here but I do feel pretty damn good while in any part of such process because creativity makes everything worthwhile and good. I wanna zine this feeling, see if it can be transferred onto a small booklet with a personal touch.
Photos are the ones loosely in consideration for the issue one, put together as an experiment with a new spin. (What I picked in May’15 turned into a photo series. ) Zine can be anything: rough, stylized, polished, raw. Anything goes, like creativity itself, many faces, possibilities. certainly one of the formats I hope to explore in the coming year.

Thank you for your visit. Keep warm (if applicable), stay cool, and enjoy the festivities in just the way that suit you!!

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