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Illuminated Shadows (Happy Holidays!)

The whole thing was shot on the 23rd of December, 2014. From a window of a “design station” (as in design hotel) with a floating lounge overlooking Pacific, then at a Christmas “illumination” event, where the whole town square was lit too bright and over saturated.
The sound, I took it off a webcast at slooh.com for Ursid Meteor shower that was taking place on the same day. I recall it said was recorded in Canary Islands.

Happy Holidays everyone, wish you all a wonderful time. Be safe, keep warm (if applicable), and stay cool. Cheers.



Budding in Red, Brighter.

Dye Sample Swatch, Spider lily.

Just as salmons are swimming up the stream, my 5 swatches they had returned from the specialists, with dye particles steam set, settled between fabric grains. (What swatches? Refer to the previous post please.)
The photo above is one of the swatches – number 2, the first try at the “line drawing” – getting a quick bath in dye-fixing liquid.
In the following video I included a short footage of me washing off the excess dye in special solution, tap water and magic portion that prevents dye from staining the rest of the fabric.

Also in the video is the sound of salmons inching up the shallows of the river – the same river as I frequented to rendezvous with spider lilies just a month ago – if you listen carefully you’d hear them making splashes.
Like the lilies, they are here earlier this year. Well what’s up Nature may I ask, but then again, what do I know to question their timings.

As for the dyed lilies on the swatches, the color – red – came out brighter post-setting, sorta suitable for the budding of the project.

The project in question is called “Spider Lily Red”, this link will take you to the posts I’ve written since it’s early stages. Thank you for your visit, check back again soon.

Wing Dress in the Making

Click on each image will take you to a video hosted at Vimeo.

Painting process, a dyed dress, video stills.A dress with a wing, by waves, video stills.Painting process, a dyed dress, video stills.A dress with a wing, the making of, video stills.Constructing of a dyed dress, a process video stills.

Since the summer 2009, I recorded the making process of Wing Dress Series using videos.
Originally intended to accompany my blog “art is a process (2007-2012)”, which documented the said process in writing.

2009年夏以来『Wing Dress』シリーズの製作過程を記録。ブログ『art is a process』(2007-2012) のビデオログ版。

About the Music:
Credit for the music appears at the end of each video.
If you find your work here and would like to have it removed, please contact and I will comply at the speed of light.
Special thanks to Ms. Betsy Grant for granting me the permission for the use of their materials.

作品使用にこころよく応じてくださったBetsy Grant氏に感謝いたします。