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True North

Red Spider Lily blossoms, sea shells and paint brushes.
A Red Spider Lily bouquet, and art work in progress.

I was a child

of the sounding sea

love, that was stronger by far

in a kingdom by the sea

wind, blew out of the night
envying of the angels
never dissever my soul from
a love that was more than love

the moon beams, the stars rise
all the night-tide, the sounding sea –
bringing me dreams
of love, that was stronger than they.

Red spider lilies in a ray of light.

Pictures: Red spider lilies – how my muse looked this autumn. “We returned to vivify you.”
Work in progress: “Spider Lily Red – Flare 2”. Referential links to: Flare 1, Making of the Flare 1 in one post, and all the posts documenting the process since 2012.
Text: Poe “Annabel Lee” deconstructed/restructured, and pardon me Mr., in essence, 180ed.

A Spring Tribute

A small Jasmine bouquet.

(It’s) the end of the tale
the sudden stroke of night,
it’s a thorn in your hand
the dismay in the face.

A float,
a flight,
it’s the promise of life
it’s the joy in your heart.

It’s the end of all strain
it’s the wind blowing free,
the promise of spring
it’s a little alone.

Reflection on water, the sky and a gull.

Dedicated to a friend of mine who headed homeward recently; may your eyes be filled with golden slumber.
Words taken from Antonio Carlos Jobim “Water of March”, rearranged by yours truly.

In praise of Her Highness – Spider Lily Red update.

Photo of a blow up copy of a flower petal abstract drawing.drawing of

How do you gather your red, while waiting for the autumn in the lightless soil?
When the three a.m. air tells me the summer is near, I think of your bulbs, eavesdropping on the night.

Photo of an artist at work on large pencil drawings.Photo of a abstract pencil drawing of a spider lily petal, detail.

Project Name: Spider Lily Red
Current Status: On
References: Progress of this project / Previous dyed items

Seagull, you fly.

Photograph of the sea shore in bright light and reflections of gulls in flight.

Memories of many flights linger. Of gliding through salt water mists and sprays. 90 degree dives, the impacts, the chills. How sardines danced on this beak.

A gull on sand, with the sea shore in back ground.
A gull on sand, close-up of the pin-striped wing.


A gull on sand,  the feet detail, with the sea shore in back ground.

Spider Lily Red – a very short story.

Red spider lilies in full bloom, Autumn in Japan.

“…She’s photographing us…”
their whispers echo, the riverside murmur
Red Spider Lilies.

Autumn in rural Japan, colors are subdued
except for patches of bright blood red,
Spider Lily Red.

Got me an ancient silk in the Spider Lily Red
once worn upon the skin, an innermost thread.
Flashing red under a coat of subtlety
with dye that bleeds just like the blood.

Red spider lilies blooming in rice field, Japan.

Originally posted on Cowbird.com on October 2, 2012. Photos are from Autumn 2013.