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Creative Process, September 2018.

Creative Process, September 2018 - Work in Progress.
Creative Process, September 2018 - Lily Geometry.

Creative Process, September 2018 - Pencil Drawing.
Creative Process, September 2018 - Pattern Tracing.

Creative Process, September 2018 - Lily Jizou.
Creative Process, September 2018 - Butterfly Lilies.

The project: Spider Lily Red.
In progress is the second of the two piece series called “Flare”.
Images are from this past September, captured moments during the precious three weeks I get to spend every autumn with my favorite lilies, my muse, taking in as much, their familier red to last me for a year.
The photos are in sleepy smoky monochrome, because I am saving up the stored red so as to pour it all into the second piece I will be painting in the coming months.

Thank you for your visit, and Happy Holidays!!

Monochrome Diary, June 2018.

A leaf, on sand grains, lit with morning light.
A bayleaf on woodgrain, a nail, a fabric scrap.

A honeysuckle flower, macro, lit by the light through a clear gl
Agapanthus Lily, a bud, macro.

A wing, feathers, acid dye on silk, detail, folded.
An abstract lily petal, acid dye on silk, covered in studio, det

Coffee with a crab, a journal, the Sea.
A dyed wing on silk, folded, with a canine friend.

“No amount of time will erase the memory of a great dog.” – Internet Meme

Images: Late May to early June, 2018. 4th from top is of an agapanthus bud. 5 and 6 are details from Wing Dress (Velocity) and Spider Lily Red (Flare 1), respectively.

Monochrome Diary, August 2017.

A Spider Lily Petal, an abstract drawing, part, acid dye on silk
Dancers and the Oceanic rhythms, at a local fair near Pacific coast

A Summer Blossom in black and white.
A Shell of a Cicada on an orange colored Lily of Summer.

Festival Vendors under warm incandescent lights, Central Japan.
A Gardenia Blossom, a monochrome portrait with a speck of light.

Self with a smart device, a reflection.
Earth Fairy Slip Dresses, painted silver pigments on silk, in pr