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Neon Pink Plastic Purse

A purse made with bright colored plastic that gathers light at the edge, as an art piece.

Plastic (approx. 1mm thick) gathers light and glows in neon pink at edges, assembled in wild and sturdy style. Carries a lot, my personal staple of nearly 20 yrs (the one in photo is 10yr old). Made to order. Allow about 1 month.
Dimension (approximate): H 29 x W 33 x D 19 (cm)
17,300 JPY
Custom measurement available with additional cost.

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The purse can be taken apart and reassembled. Handy feature in case of eventual material deterioration, as cracked parts can be replaced, stickiness could be washed off (as did with my 10yr old).
That would be further down the line but the repair option is available so long as the plastic sheet / string remain in production.

Update on 06Mar17:
The previous manufacturer / store no longer carry the same material, and I am now in the process of procurement of, either the same or equally charming material. This is such an enlivening purse, I will be pretty persistent in finding the replacement material and make it available.

Neon Pink Plastic Purse, on location, the evening shore.

One day, a jellyfish from the deep with tiny neon lights telegrammed me a haiku it has written: S EA L O V ES SH E L OVE S SE A

Neon Pink Plastic Purse, photographed on the beach in the evening light.

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