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Creative Process, September 2005.

A dog fight analogy.

Which beast wins?
The one you feed will.

Creative Process and Inspirations

Making the invisible, visible. Kawasaki, Japan.
Both the drawing and the prototype are Aqua Dragon Dress 2 in its early formation.

Aqua Dragon Dye Test, 2006

Rock Garden Beach facing Pacific, vintage postcard edit, 2016.
A Dye Test, Aqua Dragon Dress, 2006 - acid dye on silk.

(yet another) Recap: a dye test for Aqua Dragon Dress (2006).
And a photo of a cool place near my house just yesterday, probably to be the last sunny day of August.

Dragon Drawing, a dye test, 2006.

Sea shell with long spikes - a summer trip souvenir, a macro cap
A Dye Test, 2006 - for Dragon Dress series, 2006

Recap: a dye test for Dyed Dragon Series, January 2006.
And a souvenir shell from a trip to Shizuoka Prefecture earlier this month.