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Red Lilies Returned

Yesterday I heard the last cicadas sing.
And look who arrived on the scene just about the same time.

A red spider lily blossom.

Studying the shapes of the subject is not the most exciting phase of the dye project. Sluggishness sets in more often than I wish to admit. The insect scene outside shifting from my beloved cicadas to crickets doesn’t help neither.

Colored pencil drawing of spider lily petals, in process.

But before I had a chance to zombify myself, spider lilies turned up, slightly earlier this year, in much like a bull fight fashion.
(Red works for me too!)

Resuscitated, now I’m back on a river-side path where I fell in love with those lilies a year ago. A lady with a dog greeted me back (“I was wondering whether you’d show up this year”). Nice to be remembered as a lily-fanatic with a camera.

Red spider lily blossoms.
Red spider lilies, close up.

Red. Unrest.

Drawing of a spider lily petal, red colored pencil.
Drawing of spider lily petals, red colored pencil.

No matter how loud Sea must roar, her Immanent Silence no storm could stir.
Then I thought, I get it, much like it!!
Spider Lilies make no sound while their Red, vibrant, resonant.
I know this, am sure of it, was with them many days, all ears.

Ocean surface in spring storm.


Drawing of spider lily petals, red colored pencils.

The drawing is of spider lily petals, colored pencil on paper, 38 x 54cm, a continuing study of the blossom for my upcoming dye piece.
Currently going through bouts of overwhelm at the sight of the bold red challenge. Too late though, I’ve already seen, and heeded, too much of what they have to unveil.

Last Edited: 20Nov19


A turtle with a music note, a goat on a gondola, a wave. - colored pencil on paper.
Colored pencil drawing of a goat riding a wave on a gondola.
Turtle, a music note and a wave, a drawing, colored pencil on paper.

A gull, music notes and a treasure chest at the bottom of the sea, a drawing, colored pencil on paper.

For CD cover. “Playful and magical”, was the client’s request. Colored pencil on paper.


Pencil Drawings

An imaginary wing, a pencil drawing.
Wing - a pencil drawing, detail.

Above two: Wing (2003)

Drawing of an imaginary wing, which lead to the Wing Dress series.

上三点:空想上の翼。『Wing Dress』連作のもととなった作品。

Palm, a pencil drawing of a palm tree under dark clouds.
Palm  - a pencil drawing of a palm tree, detail.
Wreath, made of a palm leaf, a pencil drawing.
Wreath, made of a palm leaf, a pencil drawing, detail.

From top:
Wing (2003) Graphite pencil on paper.
Wing – Detail (2003)
Wing – Detail (2003)
La Palma (2002) Graphite pencil on paper.
Wreath (2003) Colored pencil on paper.