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DigiZine 1: Own Your Shadow

Ocean wave in motion, a monochrome book cover.

20 pages (including the cover) of carefully edited / curated, high-quality photographic images, with layers of subtexts crammed in. Nothing’s animated, simple, no frills.

19.9 MB PDF, delivered in a Zip file.
Page dimensions: 1600 x 2400px
Price: 550 JPY (approx. 4.8 USD / 4.3 Euro)

– You will receive a download link in your mail box.
– If there be revision(s) in the future, you will be notified with a download link for the revised file.
– PDF is viewable on any device. At this time of writing, it is best to download and unzip on your computer then sync, if desired, to your choice of mobile/tablet gadgets. Alternate route may be to save to the cloud first, but I personally do not use cloud storage so this is only a speculation at a moment. (Any input is welcome.)

To read more on this book, visit: POSTSCRIPT

For information on how your payment is processed, privacies, policies and permissions, please head to READ ME page.

Following are visual summaries and contents / afterword.

Monochromw Oceanic Horizon.
A Wave, Cormorant Wings and a Sunflower.
Feathers afloat above the grainy Tide.

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