Read Me

Thank you for visiting my store. I am Yuko, the store manager, and here are some things need to be mentioned.
I will try to make it short and clear and pleasant as possible (hence big letters) but,
If you have questions / requests, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Digital Books

The books are offered for your personal enjoyment only.
You, the customer, and Thank you!! for being one, are free to print your copy out, download on any and all of your devices, add modifications for personal use (e.g. adjust image brightness for printing) and such. In other words…

Please do not use images in my books or the book itself commercially, post on internet without credit or as your own, give away copies (digital or printed), incorporate whole or part of images without my permission for materials such as flyers, your artworks such as collages.

One thing about printing: images are edited to be viewed on monitors. If printed as is, they will most likely be much darker and less vivid on paper, and colors may differ from what is on the screen.

Payment Process

…is handled by a service called Shopify.

Upon your purchase, on the back end of my store (where you will be thanked profusely without your knowledge) I will find, and proceed to store privately:

your name / e-mail / street address as you typed.
I will not have your, say, credit card number.

The Privacy Policy for Shopify is compiled by me right now. Please allow a bit of time.