Red. Unrest.

Drawing of a spider lily petal, red colored pencil.
Drawing of spider lily petals, red colored pencil.

Why is it that, while ocean emits big quiet even during the worst of the storms, spider lilies manage to scream without making a sound at all.
The kind that stays in your ears and makes them ring every time you see a certain shade of red.

Ocean surface in spring storm.


Drawing of spider lily petals, red colored pencils.

Very red drawing is of spider lily petals, continuing study of the blossom for my upcoming dye piece. (What piece? View the previous dyed threads here.) It’s dimension is 54 x 38 cm and I did study until the surface began to tear.
Currently going through bouts of mini-overwhelm at the sight of the bold red challenge. Too late though, I’ve already seen too much (details).

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