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A dress with an abstract flower petal painting photographed by the sea.
A dress with a dyed wing photographed against sunset sea.
A dress with a dyed wing standing against hazy sea shore.
A dress with a fragmented dragon painting.
A dress with a fragmented dragon painting photographed on sand dune.
A blouse with a painting of a fragmented dragon placed on a cloudy shore.
A purse made of old flag into an abstract textile piece.
A dress with a large pigment bar code painted photographed on sand dune.


A dress with a dyed wing coupled with a pencil drawing of an imaginary wing.
An image of a forming wave layered over feather painting.
An experimental light drawing photography of a city street.
A geometrical pattern of an outdoor swimming pool.
Cars parked on the beach with relaxed people.


A Spider Lily Petal, a drawing, pencil on paper.
An abstract pencil drawing of a spider lily petal.
Turtle, a music note and a wave, a drawing, a colored pencil on paper.
A graphite pencil drawing of a palm tree against dark clouds.