Monochrome Diary, June 2016

Everything’s got a little black within it.

Monochrome Photo Journal - flower sketches

A discovery on Swallows: a compact aerodynamic frame was accompanied by the expression of an eagle.

Monochrome Photo Journal - Swallows

Crazy, sexy, cool. Naming just a few, start from top: Oxalis (Imo Katabami), Spiderwort (Murasaki Tsuyukusa), Meadow Sage / Salvia Guaranitica

Monochrome Macro Flower - Oxalis
Monochrome Macro Flower - Spiderwort
Monochrome Macro Flower - Salvia Guaranitica

Cast of characters, clockwise from top left: Yarrow, Cherry Sage, Can’t Recall, Salvia Guaranitica (flower only), a cuppa java, my best friend Sofi asleep in the phone, Pentax WG3 in micro-macro mode.

Monochrome Photo Journal - Wild Flowers, my cameras and the dog

Thank you, to the month of June, for all the scents, shades and shapes,
and Thank you! for your visit.

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