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A Red Spider Lily bouquet, and art work in progress.
Abstract painting of a spider lily petal.
A bird wing on the sand.
An artist working on a large abstract painting.
Artist studio in the afternoon light on a drawing and a sewing mannequin.
Winter Ocean Waves with a Leaf overlay.


A woman in summer dress walking on the beach at sundown.
An abstract interpretation of a spider lily petal painted on silk in progress.
A Seashell, a still life.
An abstract petal painting in progress layered with ocean surface.
Spanish Bluebell, stamens and a pistil, macro.
An artist at work taking a self portrait.
Artist's studio with works in progress.
Artist at work, a creative process.
A Creative Journal, with Lily Petals and the Ocean.


A Cormorant, a portrait, profile.
Creative Process, September 2018 - Work in Progress.
Career Cormorant, to Flower.
Japanese Cormorant, a portrait.
Creative Process - test photo prints and a bouquet of summer
An abstract lily petal, acid dye on silk, covered in studio, det
a Dyed Dress detail - stitches, process.
New Year's Tide, waves at sunset.


A self portrait of a woman in a traffic mirror.
Morro Bay, California, 1995.
Decorative hand stitches, a close view.
Artist studio with bouquets of red spider lilies.
Self with a smart device, a reflection.
A Spider Lily Petal, a drawing, part, acid dye on silk.
A spider lily petal layered on an image of sea shore at dawn.
Abstract Painting, acid dye on silk, artist at work.
Artist's hands painting delicate abstract with spring sunset image layered.
Abstract Lily, acid dye on silk, process - test on sewing body.
Wave (1996) - a small wood sculpture with sea shells..
a Spider Lily petal, macro, placed on the shore.
Waves at the shore, sprays, distant hills, monochrome.
A spider lily petal, drawing, acid dye on silk, process/detail,


Hand-bound journal, the last page of 2016.
A wood carving of a bird wing.
A spider lily petal, process, abstract, pencil on paper, studio
Sea gulls chasing a ferry boat at sundown, Sado Island, Japan.
Artist at work, a spider lily petal, abstract, acid dye on silk.
Red spiderlilies and a black butterfly.
A Spider Lily blossom, and its petal drawn on silk.
A Dye Test, Aqua Dragon Dress, 2006 - acid dye on silk.
A Dye Test, 2006 - for Dragon Dress series, 2006
Monochrome Photo Journal - Orange lilies of summer.
Abstraction in nature - waves at sundown.

Monochrome Macro Flower - Oxalis
An artist at work taking a self portrait.
Artist studio, artist and her work in progress, with a bouquet of early summer wild flowers.
Artist's Studio, drawings of a spider lily petal, red vintage si

Yokohama at night, black and white - coffee with milk.

Grainy monochrome image of a magnolia bud.
Dyed Feathers - with a zipper.
a Spider Lily petal, macro, held.


Ocean waves in blur.

An artist in her studio.
A spider lily blossom and a large drawing of its petal in background.
Gardenia blossoms in high contrast monochrome.
An artist working on her drawings.
Artist's hands working on her drawing.
A drawing in progress.
A forming wave in morning light.


Himalayan Monal Pheasant, photographed at a Japanese zoo.
feet of two girls lit with christmas illumination.
A dye work in a process.
An artist's palm holding up her dye work.
A red spider lily petal in close up.
An abstract pencil drawing in progress.
Close up of an inner part of a Sand Dollar on a fingertip.
A dress shaped drawing on a sewing body.
A dye work with feathers in a creative process.
A dye work with a dragon in a creative process.


Macro photo of pheasant feathers.
A pencil drawing of a spider lily blossom.
A grasshopper on a red spider lily bud.
Red Spider Lilies, close up, fuzzy focus.
Ocean surface at sunset.
Sea shore at sun rise.
A colored pencil drawing of a spider lily petal.
A foot of a sea gull with ocean in background.
Detail of a hand, wooden statue at a Japanese temple.
A pencil drawing of a spider lily petal.
Pencil sketches of spider lily blossoms.
Near motionless water surface, darkening light.
Sunrise through rear window.


Red spider lilies blooming in rice field, Japan.
A dog on a sea shore at sundown.
A wave and a surfer in mid day sun.


A Tranquil Bay of Noto Peninsula, Japan, Minimal landscape photography.
Wooden Dragon Carving, a shrine, Japan.


Artist's hand at work on a dress with a dyed wing.