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Ripples on Sea Surface.
Abstract line drawing with hand written letters.
a wood sculpture held in a palm.
Illustration of a cow.


Art work in progress.
Art studio with a spider lily bouquet.
Abstract drawing of a spider lily petal.
A dead bird on the sand.
An artist at work.
Artworks in a studio.
Winter Ocean Waves with a Leaf overlay.


A Walk on the Beach.
An abstract spider lily petal drawing.
A flat sea shell on a leaf.
Artwork in progress with ocean surface.
Spanish Bluebell stamens and a pistil detail.
An artist at work.
Artist's studio with works in progress.
Artist in studio.
A journal and a dried flower with ocean underlay.


A Fishing Cormorant in cage.
Art studio with spider lilies.
A Fishing Cormorant with Sun Flower.
A Japanese Fishing Cormorant.
Flowers and art photo prints.
Art works in studio.
A hand painted flower dress detail.
A wave at sun down.


A curved mirror self portrait.
Beach with a large rock and a tourist.
Artist's hand and an art work.
Spider lily bouquets in artist studio.
A photographer’s reflection on water.
A flower petal dye drawing.
A spider lily petal over sea shore.
An artist's hand painting.
Artist's hands painting.
Artist's hands and artwork.
A wood carving and natural objects.
A spider lily petal over sea.
Dynamic Ocean Waves.
Art work and sea shells.


A blank journal page.
A small sculpted wood.
Art works in studio.
Sea gulls over water surface.
An artist at work.
Red spiderlilies and a black butterfly.
A Spider Lily blossom and an art work.
A dragon painted on silk.
A dragon drawing on silk.
Tiger Daylily Blossoms.
Waves at sundown.
Artist in Studio.
Oxalis flower detail.
An artist at work.
Artist at work with summer flowers.
Art works in studio.
A bird reflection on sea surface.
A coffee cup with sugar.
Art works in studio.
Magnolia blossom over ocean.
A dyed wing on a dress.
Fingers holding a spider lily petal.
An abstract pencil drawing detail.


Ocean waves in blur.
Artist’s hand and a drawing.
An artist in her studio.
A spider lily blossom in art studio.
A gardenia blossom.
An artist working on her drawings.
Artist's hands and a drawing.
A drawing in progress.
A forming wave in morning light.


Zoo male pheasant bird.
Christmas illuminations.
Treating a dye work.
An artist's hand and a dye work.
A flower petal close up.
An abstract flower pencil drawing.
Sand dollar, inner part.
Wing dress pencil drawing.
Treating dyed wing.
Dragon painting on silk.


Pheasant feathers.
A flower petals pencil drawing.
A grasshopper on spider lily buds.
Red spider lily blossoms.
Sea surface at sunset.
Sea shore at sun rise.
A spider lily petal drawing.
A dead gull on the shore.
A temple wood carving.
Flower pencil sketches.
Spider lilies sketch study.
Lake water surface with ripples.
Automobile rear window at sun rise.


Red spider lilies in rural field.
A dog at a sunset sea shore.
A surfer on a wave.


Calm sea water surface.
Wooden Dragon Carving, a shrine, Japan.


Artist's hand and an artwork.