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Monochrome Diary, October 2016.

A spider lily petal, detail, acid dye on silk.
Abstraction in nature - waves at sundown.
Artist at work, a spider lily petal, abstract, acid dye on silk.


Artist at Work, July 2016.

Artist in Studio, a self portrait, July 2016, monochrome.

Sat, sipped, pondered: will this look okay in red? July 11, 2016, a moment before diving in.
The project in question: Spider Lily Red, at a delicate transition from pencil-on-paper to acid-dye-on-silk.

Artist at work, 2005, Kawasaki.

Artist at work, 2005, Kawasaki.

“Is it ‘flowing’?”
Yours truly, trying on one of her prototypes, which, a year later, became a piece called “Aqua Dragon Dress 2”. What she’s standing in is called “pre-relocation mess”.
Autumn 2005, Kawasaki, Japan.