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Pool Series

Geometric photo of a swimming pool shot under water surface.
An underwater cross, summer swimming pool.
Crosses under water, summer swimming pool.
A cross and many bubbles, under water, summer pool.
Sky, looked up from under water.

Taken with single-use waterproof camera.

I, a life-long swimmer, who find the most out-of-ordinary images while swimming, one day decided to record what is really taking place at a common neighborhood swimming pool.

In purified moments of simple awe, I witnessed even a symbol like the cross could escape the weight of history and merge into the otherworldly.



Pool Series (1999-2004)
From top:
Three Crosses
Single Cross

The series was exhibited at Create:Fixate Photography Show, September 2006, Los Angeles, curated by Jason Elias.

Monochrome 1982

Vast parking lot of a auto manufacturer, Yokosuka, Japan.

A dog with a leather collar, Miyazaki, Japan.

Mirrors facing each other in a dimly lit rest room, Tokyo, Japan.

A camel, a tourism worker, Miyazaki, Japan.

Black and white photo of a group of people at a rural train station from 1982.

Three Girls in matching white blouse, Miyazaki, Japan, 1982.

Black and white photo of a girl in a bathing suit with border stripes, wearing a smile.

Black and white photograph from 1982, of parked cars and lounging drivers on the summer beach.

Taken during a short while I spent at photography school in Tokyo, early 1982. Re-discovered by myself sometime in 2009.


From top:
Datsun Lot (Yokosuka, Tokyo)
Dog (Nichinan, Miyazaki)
Rain on a Rail (Tokyo, Jppan)
Lavatory Mirrors (Kanda, Tokyo)
Camel Profile (Nichinan, Miyazaki)
Station (Miyazaki, Japan)
Three Girls in Matching White Blouses (Miyazaki, Japan)
A Smile and Stripes (Ibaraki, Japan)
Don’t Ever Change (Ibaraki, Japan)