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Flag Series

Abstract pattern, made with an old flag.

Being in the moment is much like looking at a national flag and seeing a piece of cloth.

A bag made with an old flag, with fringed strap.

Flag Series (2003- ) was born out of my fondness for weathered materials.

Few decades back, I found an old American flag in a dusty pile at a thrift store. Over time as I examined the material, transiency I saw woven into the fading fabric spoke to me that, with all it had seen, what remains is only the beauty of life, pulsating in this moment.

By scissoring National flags, I do not intend to dishonor the Nations or the feelings of those who stand behind them. This is not an act of protest.
Rather, by using the Flags as a mere, yet uniquely attractive material in forms nearly unrecognizable of their origins, I wish to abandon the roles assigned to them so as to bring forth the tales of their individual histories.




Bikini Top with tattered edges

From top:
Flag Bag – detail (2006)
Flag Bag with fringed strap (2006)
Bikini Top with tattered edges (2003)
Bikini Top with tattered edges, detail.

Painted Dresses

A dress with hand painted barcode, pigment paint, photographed on sand dune.
A dress with mechanical drawing, pigment paint, photographed on sand dune.

A dress with painted pixels, front, close view, ocean in back.

From Top:
Bar Code Dress (1996)   Silver barcode hand painted on one side. Pigment fabric paint on polyurethane.
Drafting Dress (1996)   Silver mechanical drawing. Pigment fabric paint on polyurethane.
Pixel Dress (1998)   Subdued pixels in gradations of gray. Pigment fabric paint on rayon-polyurethane.

A dress with painted pixels, front view, photographed on the beach.
a Dress with a hand-painted barcode, against the Ocean.