Airplane wing and pale pink horizon at sunrise.
Sunny streets, San Francisco near Ocean Beach.
Wave rider in distance, Mavericks, California.
Mavericks, California at sun down.
Drug store neon sign, China Town, San Francisco.
Vast, open field, mid land, California.
a Dinosaur bones at Museum of Natural Science, Los Angeles.
Winding drive way, Agua Dulce, California.
A pier, San Simeon, California.

From top:
1. Somewhere above Pacific, chasing the sunrise.
2. SF, near Ocean Beach.
3 and 4. “Mavericks”, Half Moon Bay.
5. China Town, SF.
6. Midland somewhere between SF and LA along Interstate 5.
7. Museum of Natural History, LA.
8. Agua Dulce.
9. San Simeon.
Photographed during my visit to California in late 2011 – early 2012,

Originally posted on my previous “Photo Journal” diary.

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