Before the Summer comes…

Spring wrap up.

Pencil abstract drawing of a spider lily petal.Photo of drying clemantis petals placed on a notebook computer.Macro photo of Clemantis petals.Hand crafted tote bag painted gold with black typography design.

me: You kidding.
flower: No, really. This is the look I’m after.

Macro photo of a little flower with assymetrical petals.

From Top:
Clunky patchy job extending the drawing, of a spider lily petal. For my “Spider Lily Red” series.
Clematis, one of the many crazy-blooming in the yard right about now.
Drying petals and stamens of Clematis, in macro.
“Dada Tote” that I’ve been working on.
Many ways to blossom. I would have never known how this tiny thing looks had I not macro-ed it this afternoon.

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