Red Spider Lilies at sunset.
Spider lily blossoms and a butterfly.

So, the red spider lilies.

They returned just about the same time as they had last three years – since my fascination with them began.

As you can see, the blossoms attract many dashing characters. Is it because of the magical red of theirs, even the black of the butterfly turns into a bold color in its own right.

Red spider lily, macro.
Red Dragonfly perched on a blade of grass.

Me? I’m just a silent observer, watching, as they come and go, the curling of the petals, the stretching of the pistils.
And I’d wish upon the tidal waves, that maybe I now understand just a slight little, about the song they live to sing each year, in the early September light just as the summer cools.

Red spider lilies in the setting sun.

All the images were photographed recently, in Northern Ibaraki, Japan, where the lilies are at their height of blossomness as of now.

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