Q: So…, where is your resume?


You asked, so here’s a long story resembling a resume.

Educations – as mentioned in my bio, I am self-taught, i.e. I chose educational materials and opportunities based on whether it feels “right” to me.
That being said, I’ve taken a few courses, namely…

– BnW Film Photography (1982, attended half the course) and “Modern Archeology” (1983, by late Genpei Akasegawa, also attended about a half) at Bi Gakkou, Tokyo
– Commercial Art course (1994) at North Valley Occupational Center, Los Angeles
– Flat Pattern Making short / night course (1998) at Bunka Fashion College, Tokyo

Exhibitions – I’ve done one show so far as a photographer. That is…

– Create:Fixate All Photography Show, September 2006, Los Angeles

Why just one? Here’s my well-thought-out reason.

In Japan, beginning artists as myself typically build her career renting gallery spaces to do shows. The rent, for example, costs about 10k JPY (approx. 100 USD) / day at where I live – a rural, small town – and usually spaces are rented out on weekly basis. Expenses such as accommodations (if away from home, say, in Tokyo) and promotional materials would quickly add up as you can imagine.

Considering that or the over sea option such as the one I participated (which was no doubt a fantastic experience with much encouragements generously given to me) – the show itself costed nearly nothing but travel to it did – for monetary investment really translates to time and energy put in, I decided instead, to get serious on honing my visions / skills (so that they will be good enough to show you!) and while at it, sharing the process and the results online while keeping my eyes open for alternatives.

I do get asked this one a lot – understandably, so I decided to explain in length. Hope this clarified enough.

Q: What are your experiences / skills as a creative?


Skills I exchanged with currencies in the past:

– Face Painting (at festivals while dressed as an alien fairy for example)
– Mural Painting (residential as an assistant, commercial as a volunteer)
– Designing / Crafting Wearables (e.g., purses, accessories, garments, costumes for both boutiques and individual clients)
– Facilitating Art Groups for non-artists (i.e. those who’d cry out “but I can’t draw!!”, at community centers)
– Photography (sold some photos for commercial use)

Please refer to my portfolio for other skills.

Q: Why do you write only in English? You’re Japanese, right?


Mostly due to time-energy constraints (although I added Japanese texts occasionally – they are not exact translations, by the way). More people read English, I can’t cover all languages…..you get the picture.

Q: What’s your family tree looks like? What is, if any, your net worth? Your favorite food?


I intend to / am dedicated to be as candid / open / precise as I continue to speak about my creative process and the mind / psychology behind them. Other stuff I don’t share much. I am a bit private that way. I think the most exciting part of my life is my creative endeavor anyways.

That said, my favorite edibles are seaweeds (edible in Japan, okay?), sea urchins (same as aforementioned), sardines (cooked or raw, same as….) and burritos with extra cilantro on the side!!